We care about our World


For any company, to act responsibly for the environment should not only be a declaration of intent. For Mattiazzi this is an aptitude that drives each activity since over 30 years.
Mattiazzi produces and provides chairs and tables for public spaces and homes. Today more than ever before, the buildings where we work, the projects and the materials used for our products and the people who make them, play a key role; the same applies also to our suppliers and to the companies that recycle our products at the end of their useful lifetime. After all, sustainability and commercial success are not purposes that exclude each other, but they coexist in a happy and profitable relationship.


We set ourselves the rules in order to satisfy a defined and challenging list of sustainable aims:

  • No emissions (volatile organic compounds) into the atmosphere
  • No hazardous waste
  • No landfill waste
  • Total use of 100% clean energy
  • 100% of the company-owned buildings with high energy saving

Mattiazzi obtained the environmental certification ISO 14001:2004.
We have a process that allows us to identify the environmental impact of our activities, products and services. This includes air emissions, water discharge to land, use of raw materials and natural resources.


All of our worldwide customers motivate us to design and produce more and more “green” furniture and with this goal in mind we face the future in order to let it become the minimum standard to aim for.
With the development of technologies with low carbon dioxide emissions, we commit ourselves to avoid pollution, we aim to reduce waste and to the continuous environmental improvement, in order to decrease the levels of CO2 produced by our activities.
We aim for excellence in everything we do and the environmental management is not an exception.

1.810.700,00 kW h
energy produced since March 2011
equivalent trees
905.350,00 kg
CO2 emissions avoided
liters of oil avoided