The Making of LEVA by Foster + Partners

Leva chair

LEVA chair by Foster + Partners for Mattiazzi Environmental Product Declaration


Mattiazzi has always taken great care to responsibly source wood and sustainably create furniture with the most thoughtful designers. Low-impact production was central in the design process in the latest collaboration with Foster + Partners.

We are very proud to announce that Foster + Partners has completed a comprehensive life cycle assessment (LCA) of our LEVA chair, as part of the practice’s first Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). An EPD transparently reports comparable, objective, and third-party verified performance data on a series of environmental impacts including the global warming potential (GWP) generated during all the life stages of the chair.

Made of ash sustainably sourced from Eastern Europe, LEVA chair is designed to reduce the amount of waste generated during its creation. Any timber discarded during the manufacturing process is used to fuel the heating system at our factory, while machines use the electricity from the photovoltaic panels on our factory roof.

Following the ISO 14025 and ISO 14044 standard requirements, the process of assessment has involved a collaboration between Mattiazzi, the designers and environmental consultants to measure every step of the chair’s creation and delivery from the raw timber and the upholstery options to the packaging and its end of life.

The EPD for the LEVA chair is 2.73 kg CO2eq for the un-upholstered chair, 10.2-10.7 kgCO2eq for wool upholstered chairs and 15.6-17.8 kgCO2eq for leather upholstered chairs. This compares well to similar chairs which average 43.9 kgCO2e.

Mattiazzi is dedicated to producing furniture in a responsible and sustainable way, sourcing the best wood from renewable forests, making pieces that are built to last, relevant for now and meant to be enjoyed for generations. Thanks to Foster + Partners, the Leva EPD certificate is an additional recognition of our policy of environmental sustainability.

“This is an important environmental achievement for LEVA, which also brings positive commercial aspects; the market more and more often requires products which, in addition to having a high quality and design, are also respectful of the environment and the future.”
– Cristina Salvati, Global Sales & Marketing Director at Mattiazzi