2024 / MC5 — SOLO
solo soft, solo lounge
The interview

Konstantin Grcic: The SOLO collection was originally launched in 2012, twelve years ago. It was your second project for Mattiazzi and has become one of the brand’s best sellers. Can you recapture some of the design objectives of the original collection?
Nitzan Cohen: In response to Mattiazzi’s request for a low-cost chair, the SOLO collection was created with clear design objectives. The aim was to optimise the production process by eliminating complex and costly elements, while achieving a strong and distinctive character. The result is a rather bold-looking chair. And it is affordable! The collection aimed to highlight Mattiazzi’s woodworking skills and precision, in line with the brand’s identity. It was to celebrate Mattiazzi’s technical prowess and the high art of contemporary woodworking.


KG: In the automotive industry, models undergo continuous evolution and improvement. Unfortunately, this type of product preservation is less prevalent in the furniture industry. However, with SOLO, we wanted to set an example. Could you please discuss specific findings from the analysis of your own collection and introduce the key features of the new family members?
NC: Oh, nice! I like the comparison with the automotive industry. It was a unique opportunity to be able to further develop and expand the iconic SOLO chair after so many years. We started out by doing a detailed cost and production analysis to refine the collection whilst maintaining its distinctive character. Introducing elements of upholstery to the collection offers exciting new territories of comfort and typology. With the lounge chair we pushed for a completely new typology whilst retaining the distinctive SOLO character. Looking at the result now, I am totally convinced that the project was worthwhile.


KG: The low version of SOLO looks extremely comfortable and inviting. Could you describe a project or environment where you would like to see it used and by whom?
NC: The SOLO lounge chair is designed to be super comfortable. Its generous proportions and deep cushions are expressing just that when you first see it. At the same time, the chair is quite simple and geometric. In that sense, I could envisage it in a Gonzalez Haase interior adding softness and tactility. I can picture it as a reading chair at home or being placed in public spaces, such as hotel lobbies or lounge areas. It would make the perfect chair for waiting, relaxing, and conversing. If I could choose, I would place it on a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.